Dizko Floor an Oldskool Dj, producer and music enthusiast

Dizko Floor  started DJing at the age of 14 with the aid of the digital dj programs to learn on how to blend and get the core skills you need to DJ.

Progressing through the years Dizko Floor has a vast number of hours and experience DJing not with only digital computer equipment but with also controllers, CDJ’s and turntables.

Her music genre is very versatile from Disco House to Funky House and one that she most loves today is Oldskool House. Dizko Floor has evolved into a all round versatile DJ and has a passion for music as a whole.

Dizko Floor

Live on House Music Radio Station

Dizko Floor Live on House Music Radio Station I will be live on House Music Radio Station on Friday 13th December from 8pm with Disco, Funky, Jackin House then progressing to Oldskool House.

My New Website

I thought it was about time to design and build a new website, the style is very minimal with the main colours being black, gray, red and white, built on a Bootstrap framework.

Josh B Hardcore (Oldskooler Vol 13)

My latest instalment of oldskool hardcore, all tracks in this mix where produced by Josh B, these tracks where purchased from Josh B and given to me by a close friend.