Vinyl DJ

My New Website

I thought it was about time to design and build a new website, the style is very minimal with the main colours being black, gray, red and white, built on a Bootstrap framework.

Turntable with ControllerAs much as I liked my old one page website which was very simple, I have out grown what it could potentially do for me. My new website consists of API YouTube technology along with some custom RSS integration to pull in my podcasts & dj mixes automatically.

Along with some contact information which was missing on my old website & integrating with Beatports API to fetch the official digital store releases I’ve done over the years.

As you are now reading news, I have a blog/news system them I’m hopefully going to use for my dj mixes, reviews and new videos I upload to YouTube from my own vinyl collection.

Languages used for this build where HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Jquery, CSS. If your looking for a clean professional website that can help build your on-line profile or community or even business needs come talk to me. I’ve worked with ClientExec, BSkyB, Educational Institutions, Big Business and small communities such as on-line radio, music artists, music labels & gaming communities.